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Newmarket Grows Seed Library is a new type of lending library for our community created by Newmarket Public Library and York Region Food Network.
Seed libraries provide residents with an opportunity to donate and exchange seeds, and meet for events and interactive workshops throughout the year to learn about different seeds and plants, growth strategies, and more. Anyone can use the seed library for free and all are welcome to participate. Some benefits of a seed library include: 

Growing your own healthy food

Saving money

  Developing a seed stock well suited to our local climate

 bee on title pollinator gardens 

SPECIAL EVENT: Pollinator Gardens
Wednesday, April 12, 2017   7:00 - 9:00 p.m.

 How do you start a pollinator garden and which pollinators do you want to attract? Join  Murray Ogilvie of the Toronto Entomologists Association, and 2015 winner of the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority’s Pioneering Green Communities Award, to learn how to create a pollinator garden. Murray will also discuss the legal requirements relating to specific pollinator species that are protected from abuse. Learn about our   pollinator friends, their specific needs, and what can be done to attract and protect them.

Pre-register at the Lower Level Information Desk or call 905-953-5110 Ext. 4770
 Seed Library Station
 The Newmarket Grows Seed Library station is located on the lower level of the library next to the reference desk. 
Borrowing Seeds
No library card or membership is required to borrow seeds, and up to three packets of seeds can be borrowed at a time. Check-out forms are available at the Seed Library station and must be filled out when you borrow seed packets.
Donating Seeds
The Newmarket Grows Seed Library is a community resource and requires input from members to remain self-sustaining. At harvest time, please save a portion of your seeds and bring them into the library. Packets with labels are available at the Seed Library station for placing your seeds in and indicating what type they are. Please hand your packets to staff at the reference desk. 
 Tips For Growing & Saving Seeds

Some easy seeds to work with include tomato, beans, lettuce, peas, sunflowers, peppers, beets, chard, and squash (including pumpkin, cucumber, etc.). Some plants produce seeds that require greater care in their cultivation and collection. When working with these types of seeds you may want to read up on them to ensure they are handled correctly. Check out these Internet resources that provide information on seeds:

Seeds of Diversity Canada

Toronto Seed Library

Seed Savers Exchange

Vegetable Seed Saving

Newmarket Public Library Resources


NOTE: Newmarket Public Library and York Region Food Network are not responsible for the viability of the seeds provided. Not all of our seeds are certified organic.

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